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Every decision you have made until now is vital

Breath, close your eyes and confront it...
your next decision can change your life forever.

As you read these lines, something inside you will move and make you want to act out, unleashing your inner self in its most honest expression. Make your true essence take the lead, get away from your fears and destroy the social masks that have torn your integrity so many times before.


PARUNO has a sharp philosophy that states that shoes are a just another way to express your deepest feelings. Lines with a bold, versatile and whole design that affiliates to the latest trends, styles and avant garde colors, seeking to be at the forefront of the market.

The eclecticism of ideas and structure are an almost intuitive fit to the finished shoe. Creativity and carefully chosen materials fuse with the art of assorting both body and soul. You will now hold a product that combines quality, trends and absolute honesty.


Our Soul Creations are born from mexican hands and represent our roots and identity